Data Protection NSF Programme (DPNP)

For Singapore National Servicemen

Are you a NSF (National Full-Time Serviceman) preparing to enter the work force? Presenting a study award that will equip you with a key industry skill regardless of which industry you intend to work in.

  • What is the DPNP?

    The Data Protection NSF Programme (DPNP) is a study programme initiative by Straits Interactive worth $4,999 to full-time national servicemen. The aim of this initiative is to equip NSFs with expertise and foundational skills in personal data protection.

  • Who should apply?

    • Singapore Citizens between 17-25 years old
    • Currently a full-time national serviceman (NSF)
    • Good character & outstanding leadership qualities
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Thinking of entering the service sector, e.g. Financial Services, Human Resource, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infocomm and Information Technology, Logistics, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing and Telecommunications, etc.
  • Programme Details

    • 3-Day Hands-on Data Protection Officer Course (3 days over 3 weeks)
    • Relevant tools and templates relating to data protection by design
    • Career Counselling
    • Straits Interactive career head-start support programme
    • Roadmap to professional certification which is internationally recognised
    • Get a competency certificate in data protection
    • Regular advisory and updates on developments in data protection and governance

All applicants will undergo an interview process. Limited places available.

To apply, please fill in the form below: