99 Privacy Breaches to Beware of

Practical Data Protection Tips from Real Life Experiences

Updated for Technology Developments and the GDPR

Written by Kevin Shepherdson, William Hioe and Lyn Boxall

Data breaches, privacy leaks, sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands…
Why do these things happen even with the existence of data protection laws, with hefty fines as punishment? And why do they happen even in organisations that have instituted all the policies and procedures required by the law?

Because privacy breaches can happen despite legal compliance and good information governance. They happen because of failures in operational compliance.

So how do you avoid privacy breaches happening to you?

Drawing on a wealth of real-life case studies and onsite data protection audits, this book investigates the range of things that can easily go wrong on the ground – and indeed have gone wrong!

From careless practices and indiscreet communications to IT vulnerabilities and third-party risks, this book shows you where the weakest links are in the collection, usage, retention, disclosure and disposal of personal data.

Authors Kevin Shepherdson, William Hioe and Lyn Boxall have consulted with over 100 companies internationally in the area of data protection compliance. Their combined experience in technology, management and law give this book exceptional breadth and depth.

With action checklists in every chapter, you will be able to put theory into practice right away, and avoid operational lapses that compromise the security and integrity of personal data under your care.

Published by Marshall Cavendish
ISBN 978-981-4794-64-0
© 2018


“99 chapters that will help you develop all the procedures you need to prevent data breaches – without having to read all the legislation”

Wojciech R. WiewiórowskiEuropean Data Protection Assistant Supervisor

“an authoritative guide … by experts with deep practical experience”

Prof. Ang Peng HwaNanyang Technological University, Singapore

“excellent … delves into privacy at a granular level, providing structured guidance”

Terry McQuay, CIPP CIPMPresident, Nymity Inc.