Professional Conversion Programme for Data Protection

Singapore only

The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Protection Officers (DPO), supported by Workforce Singapore and SkillsFuture Singapore, provides skills conversion to place and train PMETs in the role of a data protection officer. The PCP will leverage on SMU’s existing SkillsFuture Series in Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Tech-Enabled Services, and will be delivered jointly by SMU and Straits Interactive. The PCP aims to develop a pool of pre-qualified candidates for data protection officer roles. Participants will undergo an initial DPO hands-on training course, before being matched with employers participating in the PCP. This initiative will benefit SMEs by lowering the cost of hiring staff with data protection skills to develop and implement safeguards around processing personal data – the PCP will help SMEs acquire their own data protection expertise.

Companies hiring a Data Protection Officer can now apply under the PCP scheme. This includes “combo” roles which include traditional job functions – HR, Marketing, IT, etc. Individuals must carry the DPO title in their designation. The PCP will provide funding to companies with salary support and course fees support.

All approved candidates will have to undergo a 6-month specialised on-the-job-training (OJT) where they will need to attend data protection courses. The courses will help participants develop competencies in performing the roles and responsibilities of the data protection officer (DPO).

Why was the PCP for Data Protection developed?

The programme was developed to expand a core pool of Singaporeans with data protection expertise, build up human capital to boost Singapore’s position as a trusted, world class business hub.

How will the PCP benefit companies?

  • Projects undertaken by participants will assist companies with their data protection efforts
  • Mix of classroom and project work to bridge critical data protection skill gaps
  • Job Ready trainee with data protection skills

What are some of the expertise that will be developed?

  • Operational skills for data protection
  • Project development and management skills


  • Companies intending to appoint DPO, data protection staff, either double hatting or as main functional role, expand their data protection efforts, and keen to hire and train mid-career PMEs
  • Individuals – Singapore citizens or PRs interested in data protection careers and jobs, with at least 2 years working experience

PCP Course Modules

Participants will attend the 12 days of the Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence to prepare them for the role of a Data Protection Officer. There will be 2 additional days of Exam preparation to prepare them for IAPP’s CIPM and EXIN’s Information Security professional certification.

The Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence comprises of five modules covering operational aspects in data protection and information security. It also includes practical application for Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessment.


The Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence costs S$13,600 (before GST).

EligibilityFunding Quantum
Singapore Citizens
(Above 40 years old or Unemployed)
90% of monthly salary, capped at S$6,000 per month, for 6 months
Up to 90% course fee funding
Singapore Citizens (Below 40 years old or Unemployed)
PRs (Unemployed)
70% of monthly salary, capped at S$4,000 per month, for 6 months
Up to 70% course fee funding


Company representatives fill in Expression of Interest Form here.
Individuals fill in Registration of Interest Form here.

Once individuals are matched to a company, both employer and employee will sign an agreement with SMU to participate in the PCP. Employment will be for at least one year.
Companies will submit OJT and other relevant documents for funding purposes.

Note: The usual employment contract will be signed between employee and employer.

Programme Process Flow