Hands-on Data Protection Officer Training


  • Duration

    3 days

  • Course Fee

    S$4,999 (before GST)

  • Ideal For
    • Organisations that need to train their Data Protection Officers
    • Organisations setting up their PDPA compliance processes & systems
    • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers unsure of their role
    • Personnel handling personal data such as HR, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Internal Auditors, IT

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With the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) now in effect in Singapore, organisations that manage personal data have to ensure full compliance with the law, or face financial consequences. This calls for a new position in organisations that manage personal data – that of the Data Protection Officer.

This 3-day Hands-on Data Protection Officer Training Programme equips professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in Singapore with new competencies using a practical approach and borrowing from best practices, showing them how to implement, comply and to stay compliant with the PDPA. It is meant to complement the courses offered by PDPC and:

  • Offers a hands-on approach conducted by practitioners who are doing PDPA Audits in organisations.
  • Includes Straits Interactive’s DPOinBOX for DPOs.
  • Includes customisable policy templates and privacy/personal data protection notices.

Trainees will be tasked to complete a project based on their own organisational context as part of the programme’s assessment. This will be useful for the attending DPOs to assess their organisations’ current levels of compliance with the PDPA and take the necessary actions to address the relevant gaps and risks. By the time they complete the course, the DPOs would have started their compliance efforts for their respective companies and would have sufficient hands-on experience to continue and complete the project they had started.

The programme lays the practical foundation and competencies necessary for a career in the new era of compliance in personal data protection. Local workers will gain a valuable and niche skill set to increase their mobility and value-add to their companies.

We don’t just train you – we show you how to be compliant, complete with your own Compliance Manual, Audit & all the Tools you need!

…. all done by the time you complete the course!

…. with roadmap to International Certification



Data protection responsibilities


  • Step-by-step plan for Data Protection Officers to start PDPA compliance IMMEDIATELY
  • Manage compliance using the online Data Protection Management System
  • Customise your own Personal Data Protection & Information Security Policy
  • Guidance & best practices from experienced PDPA practitioners


Module 1:
Personal Data Protection Principles & A Practical Approach to the Personal Data Protection Act – A Singapore Perspective
Project 1: Identify the potential breaches in your current organisation

Roles & Responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer & Conducting a Personal Data Inventory Audit
Project 2: Conduct a Risk Assessment Audit at your own Organisation to determine gaps and risks

Module 2:
Information Security: Policy, Templates & Tools
Project 3: Deploy & document implementation of tools such as Notices to address information security gaps in your own organisation

Module 3:
Implementing Personal Data Protection Policies & Initiatives
Assessment and Final Project Presentation on effective Privacy / Personal Data Protection programme management

Module 4:
Privacy Programme Management & Breach Reporting Procedures


  • Lecture style
  • Video clips
  • Discussions with consultants
  • Role play / presentations


The course will be conducted or facilitated by trainers and consultants who are Certified Information Privacy Managers (CIPM), awarded by professional members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in personal data protection programme management. Our trainers have been actively engaged in doing actual PDPA audits of Singaporean companies for Straits Interactive. Together, the team has also trained thousands of participants in the Personal Data Protection Act.


3 full days, over a period of 3 weeks


All participants will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Data Protection and GRC jointly awarded by Straits Interactive and OCEG upon successful completion of competency assessment and project work.

  • DPOinBOX (12-month subscription for 1 user in classroom setting)
  • 1 hour legal advice with senior data protection lawyer (not applicable for Hands-on DPO course for VWO & Charities)
  • 1 month Shred-it free trial
  • 1 copy of “99 Privacy Breaches To Beware Of”
  • Personal Data Protection / Information Security Policies
  • PDPA related notices / templates
  • PDPA Compliance Manual
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Data Protection and GRC awarded by OCEG and Straits Interactive


S$4,999 (before GST)



For Corporate-sponsored applicants, this course is supported by CITREP+ which provides:

  • Up to 70% of the nett payable course and certification fees, capped at $3,000 per trainee for non-SMEs
  • Up to 90% of the nett payable course and certification fees, capped at $3,000 per trainee for SMEs
  • Up to 90% of the nett payable course and certification fees, capped at $3,000 per trainee for professionals above 40 years old

Please note that CITREP+ funding is only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. For full details on eligibility criteria and application procedures, please visit www.imtalent.sg/citrep

MR code: CITREP+/FY20/MR/20-03/776

CITREP+ Programme Term:

1 April 2019 – 31 March 2021

Please click here if you are self-sponsoring yourself for the DPO Hands-On Course.


Course Fee

The course fee is S$4,999 (before GST)

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment via cheque.

Please issue a crossed cheque payable to: Straits Interactive Pte Ltd

Indicate applicant’s name, contact number and course date on the back of the cheque and mail to:

Straits Interactive Pte Ltd
43D Beach Road
Singapore 189681

Course fees are subjected to GST.

Confirmation & Reservation

When registration is confirmed, participants will receive our email confirmation along with information of the course programme. If no seats are available for the applied date, you will be notified immediately and given an alternative date. Straits Interactive reserves the right to change the course schedules, programmes and content without prior notice. We also reserve the right to cancel course due to unforeseen circumstances.


Request for withdrawal or postponement must be made in writing to Straits Interactive. Refunds arising from course withdrawal/deferment will be subjected to the following terms:

More than 2 weeks before course commencement: Full refund.
Less than 2 weeks before course commencement: 50% refund.
On or after course commencement: No refund.


I have always been skeptical about attending workshops, seminars etc. as most of them are purely superficial where we only get to “scratch the surface”.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the level and nature of participation – concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis. The training has been very inspirational, energising and involves lots of substantial and in-depth knowledge. It has certainly helped to ease the initial “how and what to do” thoughts after being selected for the course by my firm. You have certainly switched my mind into a positive thinking mode for the DPO role as the course progresses.

Gary LohCA (Singapore), FIPAS

It has indeed been very helpful and provided tremendous support to enhance my knowledge on compliance towards PDPA now. Prior to attending this course, I have only been exposed to the 1 day workshop conducted by PDPC. Questions all over my head and a bit clueless as to where to start, how to start and what to do really.

The material covered was detailed and appreciated the practical information provided. Of course, instructors were humorous enough and therefore make this subject interesting and understandable. Please create more awareness on the availability of this course to help others.

Don’t attempt another DPO training without attempting this.

Amily Chua

This is an excellent course for any DPO and probably the only course that any DPO needs or should attend. This course is definitely very useful to me in the following aspects:

  • Real-life cases are shared to improve learning and provide insights to the PDPA principles
  • Step-by-step guidance is given on the tasks and preparations required to be compliant for the PDPA
  • Useful software system is provided to facilitate the assessment process and generation of necessary documents such as data inventory map, data protection plan, information security plan, etc.
  • Advice and sharing from a group of experts and practitioners

This is a life-saver course for me, as I started off not knowing enough on what was needed to be done for my company to be in compliance for PDPA. After attending this course, I am now confident to be a DPO for my company and able to prepare my company for this new Act. Thank you very much.

Lim Yueh Ping

The 3 days course is very fruitful for me and I have learnt and gained much knowledge on Data Protection matters. I am able to advise better on data protection enquiries.

DexterCompliance Officer

Interactive and fulfilling, gain more knowledge from the workshop. Would recommend to others.

Ron ChuaActing Division Manager

Very good workshop to start for DPO.

Helen SohAssistant Manager

The DPO Hands-On Training Course was interesting and comfortably paced. As a DPO and COO of a start-up, I had no problems completing the assignments without disrupting my daily work. The trainers used interesting scenarios to teach the technicalities of the PDPA and that helped me understand better on how to apply the law. What I liked best is that compliance begins in this class. We also learnt to use the DPOinBOX system which was a useful platform with which I could discuss PDPA matters efficiently with my team members and assess our company easily even though I did not come from a legal background.

After attending this course, I am better equipped and much more confident to perform my duties as a DPO.

I would recommend this course by Straits Interactive to any company that is serious in achieving compliance with the PDPA.

JasonCOO, AfterYou Pte Ltd

I am extremely satisfied with the Hands-On DPO Training Course offered by Straits Interactive. It was indeed a hands-on engagement with many real world applications and scenarios which makes it easily relatable to my job. I was constantly asked as a participant to think back to my company’s operations and processes and in doing so, I found it a highly effective and efficient method to understand and apply the theories taught in class. Moreover, the materials were well prepared and I easily found guidance in the class from the facilitators who were very knowledgeable. After attending this class, I obtained the necessary knowledge and confidence to execute my responsibilities as a DPO.

Notably, I am confident to perform my DPO duties with the DPOinBOX system as it is a very holistic solution that captures all aspects a DPO should take into consideration by providing a highly reliable roadmap for a very daunting task as a DPO. I found the inventory mapping especially useful and DPMS allows me to work on both the micro elements of operationalising privacy compliance while providing a macro view of my company’s PDPA journey.

I would recommend Straits Interactive to anyone and everyone involved in privacy. They offer a full range of services that can help people who have no knowledge of PDPA to professionals who have troubles drafting policies and executing privacy compliance programmes.

Nicholas LimCompliance Manager, SAC Capital Pte Ltd

Very organised and comprehensive. Definitely a very important aspect of businesses yet neglected. Very involved in real life cases, delivered with passion.

Marie Mok

Contents are very comprehensive with clear guidance for participants. Very supportive of mock investigations. Instructor provided clear and practical tips.

Kyaw Moe LwinNurse Educator

Very detailed and informative. Instructor is very professional and experienced in in the field of PDPA. Interactive sessions and interesting sharings. Very helpful and accommodating.

Simon SohHead of Facilities

For such an intense subject, it is a pleasant surprise that the training is lively, hands-on and practical.

The facilitators’ diverse backgrounds offer us useful insights from the angles of governance, operations and marketing.

This DPO course takes away a lot of my anxiety on how I can go back to the office to implement the processes effectively. I am fully equipped with best practices, manuals, templates and tools to get started.

Strongly recommended!

Jacqueline Wee

I attended a workshop on PDPA conducted by another Organiser prior to attending this PDPA Course conducted by Straits Interactive. During the workshop, we were informed of the new regulation, how it will be affecting our work and the penalty for any breach. When I walked out from the seminar, I was overwhelmed with confusion and not sure how should I work on the compliances to this new mandatory regulation and what’s the role responsibility of a DPO.

I was glad that I attended this Course conducted by Straits Interactive. It was a totally difference experience altogether – a better understanding of PDPA with clear illustrations and sharing. The approach and DPOinBOX tools used for the training was impressive. With this tool, I was able to establish the status of Data Protection Compliance for my Company and most importantly, I have the Information Security Policy Manual established for my Company.

Besides, we are able to save on the cost of engaging external consultants to write the Information Security Policy Manual.

After attending the workshop, I was able to communicate with the various Heads of Department and Functional Manager in my organisation with confidence as a Data Protection Officer. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is searching for a clearer insight of PDPA. As for the Straits Interactive’s team, they were very professional in delivering the course – a fun and interactive experience.

Wen Ng

I am much more confident to take up the role of a DPO after going through the training. The trainers are knowledgeable and very open to share practical experiences with us. In addition, the DPOinBOX system makes our work much easier. All newly appointed DPOs who have headaches should attend this course.

Ken Lim