Hands-On Data Protection & Cyber Security Workshop

These courses are conducted by Straits Interactive throughout Asia.

With more countries around the world recognising the need for personal data security, there is a need for qualified professionals to take the helm. Several countries in Asia have passed laws to this end, and organisations that manage personal data have to ensure full compliance with the law, or face consequences. This calls for a new position in organisations that manage personal data – that of the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Our corporate Hands-on Data Protection Officer Training Programme equips professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) with new competencies using a practical approach and borrowing from best practices, showing them how to implement, comply and to stay compliant with the law.

This DPO course bundles Straits Interactive’s proprietary Data Protection Management System (DPMS).

  • Ideal for

    • Organisations that need to train their Data Protection Officers
    • Organisations setting up their PDPA compliance processes & systems
    • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers unsure of their role
    • Personnel handling personal data such as HR, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Internal Auditors, IT
  • Learning Outcomes

    Course participants will achieve the following objectives:

    • Effectively perform their roles as Data Protection Officers
    • Develop competencies required for PDPA compliance within the organisation

    Using the Data Protection Management System (DPMS) via a hands-on and practical based approach, participants will be able to:

    • Ascertain current compliance status of your company (Develop a PERSONAL DATA INVENTORY and have a clear view of RISK areas that need IMMEDIATE action)
    • Formulate implementation strategy to protect personal data and track progress
    • Develop a CUSTOMISED Personal Data (Privacy) Policy
    • Develop a CUSTOMISED Information Security Policy
    • Create an audit documentation
    • Build awareness campaign for personal data compliance in your company
    • Use e-learning facilities that will help you to continue to educate staff and stakeholders
    • Manage customer inquiries, complaints and request for access and develop SOP for response management
    • Systematically document audit evidence to demonstrate accountability