Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence


  • Duration

    12 days

  • Course Fee

    S$12,000 (before GST)
    (Funding available)

  • Ideal For
    • Existing Data Protection Officers
    • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers
    • Professionals seeking a career in privacy/personal data protection
    • Fresh graduates/Undergraduates with degrees relating to business, computer science, data analytics, information security, law seeking to enhance their employability
    • Advisors and consultants looking at data protection as a business opportunity

The Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence comprise of five modules covering operational aspects in data protection and information security. It also includes practical application for Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessment.


The modules will provide participants with practical activities to gain understanding and competencies for operational excellence in data protection. Participants will learn to implement data protection and privacy management program, data protection by design and conduct data protection impact assessments.

The application and implementation of activities will focus on Singapore’s PDPA. Participants will learn to look critically at the impact of future technological developments and adopt a proactive approach to data protection risks, including a hands-on approach to information and cyber security from a management perspective.


  • Lecture style
  • Presentations & projects
  • Hands-on activities


The Hands-on Data Protection Workshop is conducted/facilitated by trainers and consultants who are Certified Information Privacy Managers (CIPM), Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP/A, CIPP/E) awarded by professional members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Straits Interactive is the only training body for IAPP’s CIPP/A curriculum. The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy programme management.


12 days


Upon completion of all modules you will be awarded the ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN DATA PROTECTION OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE.

  • Course notes
  • Data protection templates and tools
  • Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence (upon completion of all modules)


S$12,000 (before GST)


Course fee grant at 70% of course fees, capped at $13,000 per course (excluding GST) for trainees who are successfully enrolled by SMU into approved courses under the Programme. Additional course fee grant will be provided for trainees who meet the eligibility criteria for enhanced subsidy schemes under the Programme based on the following rates:

  • Singaporeans below 40 years old/PR: Up to 70% of course fee
  • Singaporeans aged 40 years and above: Additional 20%, up to 90% of course fee
  • Workfare Training Support (“WTS”) Singaporean aged 35 years and above (13 years and above for Persons with Disabilities), and earn a monthly salary of not more than $2000): Additional 25%, up to 95% of course fee, capped at $13,000.


Net Course fee payable after subsidy include GST
Based on module fee of $2000
Based on module fee of $3000
Singaporean below 40 /PR below 642 963
Singaporean 40 and above 242 363
Singaporean using WTS 142 213
Based on total course fee of $12000
Singaporean below 40 /PR below 3852
Singaporean 40 and above 1452
Singaporean using WTS 852

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Please note that in order to register, you will need to create an account with SMU if you do not already have one.


Q: I am an international registrant. Do you conduct these courses outside of Singapore?
A: Sometimes. International candidates may take courses covering Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia in their respective countries. Please consult local country schedules to see what is applicable.

Q: I have done some of the courses that are listed as modules. Do I have to repeat them?
A: If you have obtained the relevant certifications, you may submit your certifications for module exemptions.

Q: Is there a time limit for me to complete this course?
A: You should complete all modules within 24 months.

Course Schedule

Course ModulesDurationCourse Dates
A Practical Approach to Data Protection for DPOs3 full days01, 02 & 03 Apr 2019
Information & Cyber Security for Managers – EXIN Certification2 full days29 & 30 Apr 2019
Advanced Techniques and Application for Data Protection by Design, Data Protection Impact Assessments2 full days06 & 07 May 2019
Data Protection and Privacy Programme Management3 full days11, 12 & 13 Mar 2019
Data Protection Trends & the Rise of the Data Protection Officer2 full days23 & 24 Jul 2019

Note that Candidates may not necessarily take the various modules in the above sequence. Course dates are subject to change. Contact us if you are unable to attend a specific date.


Existing Qualifications Exemptions
DPO Hands-on Course from SMU/Straits Interactive Module exemption for A Practical Approach to Data Protection for DPOs (3 days)
WSQ Fundamentals of the PDPA (module A) and PDPC Practitioner Certificate in Personal Data Protection (Module B) Module exemption for A Practical Approach to Data Protection for DPOs (3 days)
IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) Module exemption for Data Protection Management Programme (3 days)
IAPP Certified Privacy Technologist (CIPT) Module exemption for Information & Cyber Security for Managers – EXIN Certification (2 days)