Advanced Diploma in Data Protection

With the General Data Protection Regulation in force affecting businesses worldwide, and new data protection laws being enforced (i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines) or expected to be introduced (e.g. Indonesia, Thailand and India), the ASEAN and India region will be one of hottest regions for data protection laws. Even China has introduced a Personal Information Security Specification affecting companies doing business in China.

Therefore, new competencies on how to operationally comply with these laws are needed in the area of data privacy and protection. The role of the data protection officer has also become prominent, given that it is a requirement under the GDPR as well as mandatory under the data protection laws of Singapore and Philippines, as well as under China’s data protection specifications.

The IAPP estimates that more than 28,000 data protection officers will be needed in the EU and as many as 75,000 around the globe as a result of GDPR. Research done by Straits Interactive forecasts that more than 10,000 data protection professionals will be needed in Singapore alone in the next three years. And this does not include the number of DPOs needed in the Philippines.

To meet the shortage of data protection expertise, as well as data protection, Straits Interactive and Singapore Management University are proud to jointly introduce two Advanced Certificates leading to an Advanced Diploma in Data Protection, the first in the region targeted at non-legal professionals as well as those who want to consider data protection as a career or business opportunities.

The following Advanced Certificates can be accumulated via a credit system, leading to an Advanced Diploma in Data Protection and Operational Excellence.

  • Ideal For

    • Existing Data Protection Officers
    • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers
    • Professionals seeking a career in privacy/personal data protection
    • Fresh graduates/Undergraduates with degrees relating to business, computer science, data analytics, information security, law seeking to enhance their employability
    • Advisors and consultants looking at data protection as a business opportunity
  • Learning Outcomes

    • Competencies in data protection principles relating to ASEAN, EU, Greater China and India in order to comply with local data protection laws
    • Competencies in performing the roles and responsibilities of the data protection officer (DPO)

    Candidates have 2 years to complete each certificate

  • Professional Certification

    Graduates will be awarded with 5 kinds of credentials (upon successful completion of the respective professional exams, exams fees and membership fees payable separately)

    • SMU – DPO Proficiency Certificate
    • IAPP – Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
    • IAPP – Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPP/A)
    • EXIN – Information Security Certification
    • EXIN – GDPR Privacy Foundation

    Note that the candidates must sit for the above IAPP and Exin certifications separately and clear the respective certification exams in order to be professionally certified.

Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Operational Excellence

Advanced Certificate in Data Protection Principles